How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Have you ever wondered what your dog is doing when they are interacting with another dog? Do you know How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language? Sometimes it feels like you’re watching something in a foreign language as your dog communicates with another dog?

It can be frustrating not knowing if we should step in and stop your dog or let the activity continue. You’d be surprised how many people misunderstand their dog’s behaviour but it becomes easy – when you know how to judge whether your dog is happy playing or is feeling distressed can make all the difference to how they socialize with other dogs.

There are lots of tell-tale signs. What you need to know is what they mean and then it’s like watching a movie in English rather than a foreign language. Dogs can read each other without any difficulty, it is natural to them, however for us it doesn’t. We should learn the different body language signals that they use.

Here are some of the key gestures that you can watch out for so you can understand what your dog is thinking. At the bottom of this post is a link to an interesting video by Dan where you can watch all the behaviour’s I mention below for yourself.
dogs at play in the park

The Head Over: placing their head over the back of another dog’s neck.

This is one of the most common ways a dog will attempt to assert their dominance over another dog. It is neither good nor bad. Some dogs however will contest it if they are not happy being dominated. A dog who is not happy with this will clearly let the other dog know!

Returning to Play: a dog returning to play more with another dog.

This is a sign that suggests a dog is happy to play. Often this simple behaviour is overlooked by dog owners. Many times, a dog may look like they are not enjoying things as they are being dominated and pushed around but is very happy and will run back for more! If they were unhappy they would very likely stay away.


Lifting One Paw in The Air: the dog stands still on three legs.  

This is a submissive gesture that says I am submissive and non- threatening. The other dog may react in several ways but it is generally a good sign.


Hackles Up: the hair on the dogs back goes up.

Very often people think that this automatically means that the dog is being aggressive or going to be aggressive, however it can also just be excitement. It does mean that the dog is very alert but this can be because they just love playing with other dogs. Keep an eye on your dog and don’t panic.

Three dog at play in the garden

360 Degree Spins: The dog completes a complete spin

The dog spinning will almost certainly be very happy and will be trying to encourage some play activity. When a dog turns their back on another dog it shows that they are relaxed and not scared.

There are so many little things to look out for – some more obvious than others. One of the best places to learn how to read dogs is Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer. Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest the next thing you do today is look inside the site!

This video website is an excellent source of learning not only about how to interpret your dog’s behaviour but also how to stop unwanted behaviour and train dogs and puppies.

Here is just one fantastic example of his work, demonstrating the above dog behaviour’s and many more: 

To look and get your $1 access now, something that I would strongly recommend CLICK HERE

Doggy Dan’s site is truly amazing with over 250 videos inside. So, if you really want to have a dog that you can be proud of look no further, simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site

Turn Your Puppy into The Perfect Dog

There’s a lot of opinions about how to Turn Your Puppy into The Perfect Dog. It’s what we all want but the question is… do they exist?

That’s a bit like asking is there a perfect person? Of course, the answer to that is… Nope!

That said, there are some great people out there, and there are some amazing dogs too. So, what’s the trick?

This is my best advice.

Before getting hung up about teaching puppy how to do high-fives, Roll overs and the commando crawl, ask yourself this…Is this what my dream dog does? Is my dream dog basically a performing monkey that I bring out when visitors come around so they can say “Wow that’s cool, how clever is he…How did you train him to do that…” and so on and so forth.

Puppy offering her paw


The sad thing is that in many of these cases the next thing that the dog owner must do is warn the visitors “Don’t go near his food bowl when he’s eating, and careful when you pat him not to go near his head, and keep the children away from his toys”

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

We spend so much time and effort teaching them how to do tricks such as sit and stay but never even think about some of the important stuff. And when we do it’s often too late.

Want to know why this is so?

Because most dog trainers are stuck doing what everyone else is doing Spending time training the sit, the down and the stay, everyone following each other and nobody asking WHY? Think about it… has a dog ever been put to sleep because they didn’t do a proper sit? Or because their down command was a bit slow? Or because they had a poor stay? Of course, not… nobody really cares about that stuff.

Yet that’s what we all learn at puppy school! WHY?!

But… Aggression? Oh Boy.


Puppy nipping owners pants


Many dogs are put to sleep for aggression, barking, growling, and challenging than any other reason. Aggression towards children, owners, strangers, other dogs – it’s all bad news. There isn’t anything more dangerous than an out of control dog, pulling you along, ignoring you when you let them off. Never mind the danger to themselves around cars and other dogs.

Very few dog trainers show you how to prevent all of this, because so few of them understand it themselves!

Most people’s real idea of a perfect dog, in no particular order, will include all the following 5 important  behaviour’s


  1. Calm around all other animals including dogs
  2. Friendly to all people including children
  3. Relaxed and obedient around the home
  4. Amazing at coming when called at the park
  5. A real angel when walking on the leash in public
  6. Hhmmm… I can hear you thinking…. You’ve got a point! Let me guess your next question…

So how do we achieve it?

Well the great news is that it’s not complicated. At least it’s not complicated or tricky anymore… all thanks to Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer video website  CLICK   HERE

Dan offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest that the next thing you do today is look inside the site!

Inside his website is the most amazing collection of videos showing you exactly how to achieve this kind of ‘perfect’ dog. In fact, Doggy Dan shows you through the video diary of 8-week-old puppy Moses, guiding you through every stage of achieving all the things I’ve just mentioned.

Doggy Dan has filmed his puppy growing up for an entire year and presented a series of lessons each week that need to be learned at that stage of the puppy’s life. So, you get to watch and train your puppy at exactly the right time, making sure problems don’t manifest later.

And once your dog is fully grown the site caters for every type of dog problem that you may face later. In-depth sections on health, food, behaviour and training are covered as well.

Doggy Dan’s site is truly amazing with over 250 videos inside. Showing you exactly how to achieve those 5 important behaviours I mentioned earlier… and much, much more!

Remember: You can do what you’ve always done and get the same result or do something different and get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you really want to have a dog that you can be proud of look no further, simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site here: CLICK HERE

Puppy Toilet Training


Puppy Toilet Training

 Picture this.

You get up in the morning you come out of your bedroom and discover your puppy rolling around in his poo! Yuk. It’s everywhere.

It’s going to take you 30-45 minutes to clean up minimum. You’re going to be running late today that’s for sure.

You take your puppy outside to pee-pee. After they finish, you return inside. Within seconds of coming inside your dog decides to sprinkle all over your new rug. More cleaning!!

Toilet training a puppy or your dog shouldn’t take this long or be so difficult? You’re right. It shouldn’t and it isn’t. The thing is this…There’s no magic trick, but there are some little tricks that will help turn your puppy’s toileting around and you are probably not using any of them.

The thing is that most people don’t do any of these things because they have never been taught exactly what to do. Nobody has ever explained how important these little things are when you are toilet training your puppy.There are simple and logical steps to achieve your objective.

Let me point you in the right direction
with a couple of steps to get you started, then I’ll tell you about the most awesome toilet training resource that I found for those of you who are interested.


  1. Staying calm:

The thing that you must understand is that you are responsible. Like training a toddler or baby to use a potty. You can’t blame them for not being toilet trained and then take your frustrations out on them.The fact is, that can really set your training back. Becoming angry,or shouting at your puppy, or being annoyed will do nothing to encourage them to relax and follow your commands to toilet outside!

Forget about all that rubbish about rubbing your dog’s nose in it to teach them not to do it again, this is simply old school and so out of date.

Cute white puppy

Think about it…

Why do you think your puppy pee-peed indoors? Because they needed to go. Right? They were holding on, probably bursting, needed to go and so they thought, “OK, I have got to go pee-pee…like  NOW!” And if the door was shut as well, then what do you expect? So, when you rub your puppies nose in it…they are still not sure where they are supposed to go.

Repeat…They are still not sure where they are supposed to go. Got it yet?So, when you start telling your puppy off for going pee-pee in front of the couch all you are doing is telling your puppy that this is not the right place. Try somewhere else…

But…“They are still not sure where they are supposed to go!” You need to show them. You need to train them. That’s why it’s called toilet training.

Stay focused on the goal:

It’s strange that the biggest mistake people when toilet training is the most important one. Most people take their eye off the goal too soon and start telling poor puppy off when they get it wrong. Here is the secret. Continue rewarding your puppy with amazing treats every time they get it right by going to toilet in the right place…

That’s right. Every single time. With amazing treats. For a long time! You will motivate your puppy faster by rewarding them with a couple of tasty little treats immediately after they have finished.

Note that I said immediately. Not 30 seconds later… It should be within 2 seconds. Too late and the connection to the pee-pee they just did will be lost. Get the treat in their mouth quick and they will very quickly start to link the two.

The Ahh! I get it moment is when your puppy thinks… “Right, if I pee-pee on the grass I get the most amazing treat?”  “OK it’s a…Deal!” Most of us will reward puppy for a week or two and then stop. We forget, get bored, run out of treats or can’t be bothered.

Hand feeding puppy

A little tip I heard on a great 40-minute toilet training audio the other day is to leave a container with treats outside by the pee-pee area so that if you forget to take treats out with you there are already some at hand.


It does take time

Remember that puppies are still young and small. They are still learning and it will take a while. …Just be patient.

Think about this for a second.

How old is your puppy? 16 weeks! Children can’t even lift their own heads at that age and we become frustrated that our puppy isn’t perfectly toilet trained by that age…Just take a deep breath and relax. The good news is that you can do it and your puppy is perfectly normal.

Focus on the successes and learn to quickly put the mistakes behind you. It’s great learning for life. Look to see what you could have done differently but don’t beat yourself up. We’ve all been there and the good news is that it’s not forever.

The rug  

This is just a little tip I heard from that toilet training audio file I mentioned earlier that I’ll tell you about in a second. It made me smile because it is exactly what happens all the time.

Here’s the scenario…Your puppy finds a nice thick piece of rug that is not the carpet. The rug feels nice, a bit like grass and looks like it is a good place to go pee- pee. They go pee-pee or even worse poo-poo!

Unfortunately for you it is your brand new, thick, white, shag pile rug and it’s very hard to get the stains and smell out of.

Even when carefully cleaned, your puppy can still smell the pee or poo and so now it even smells like a good place to go. Before long your beautiful expensive shag pile rug is a very costly toilet mat.

They secret is simple. Pick it up and put it back down again after 6 months in perfect condition. No stains, no marks, no regrets. Trust me on the shag pile rug. Do not take the chance! It is a very slippery slope.

  1. Knowledge is everything:

When it comes to toilet training there really are so many things to think about and you will simply not think of them all on your own. You need to be told the secrets before your toileting goes pear-shaped.

And the best place that I have found by far to get hold of all the tips about dog and puppy training including toilet training is Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer CLICK HERE

Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest the next thing you do today is have a look inside the site!

Inside the site are over 250 videos including a whole section with an amazing 40-minute recording on toilet training your puppy. It’s fantastic and covers off everything that you could possibly want to know.

Here’s a couple of tips to give you an idea of what’s inside.

  • Those tricky times. What to do during the night and when you are at work to prevent accidents. How long to leave them and what to leave them
  • Setting your puppy up to win so that they can’t make mistakes.
  • Why some older puppy’s regress at 4 months old and why you need to get them back on track
  • Older dogs. Why much older dogs who are several years old can suddenly start going toilet in the house and what to do to stop it.
  • Habit Breaking. How to break an old habit if your puppy is toileting all over the house.
  • Crate training. Everything you need to know about crate training your puppy if you choose to use that approach.

Plus, all the tips, and advice on every topic to do with toilet training such as cleaning up the mess, feeding, watering and toilet frequency and schedules.

Well, that’s all for now. As you can see it’s quite a big topic. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and that you get a handle on your puppy’s toileting sooner rather than later.

If you really are struggling and want to end all the frustration immediately then I strongly suggest you have a look at Doggy Dan’s site

The Online Dog Trainer and check out the Toilet Training section inside the site.

Remember, Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days! To get YOUR access now just CLICK HERE

Doggy Dan book covers

Best Regards,


Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer {Review 2}


The Online Dog Trainer In-Depth Review


Overview: Excellent Product, Exceptional Value for money:

This product The Online Dog Training video website is a first-class product. The content is excellent compared to other sites which have far fewer videos and the actual training information in the videos is exceptional. Since the site has been around since 2009 some of the videos are not High Definition however these are all being replaced with HD ones. This is a very live site with new footage being added regularly. Here is my review of the key features inside this site.



The endorsement of The Online Dog Trainer website by the national SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand is worthy of a mention. The home page of the SPCA of New Zealand even has a link to this site promoting it to new dog owners and people who have adopted a new puppy.


Every topic covered with over 250 videos

Compared to almost all other sites on the internet The Online Dog Trainer has significantly more content. Certainly, at this cost. An average video produced by a dog trainer of this standard is usually around $35 for an hour’s footage. Inside the online dog trainer there is approximately 20 hours of footage. This means that everything you could want is all included in the price. As mentioned earlier some of the footage is not High Definition however the quality of the advice is excellent which I believe is far more important.


Videos of real consultations

A very enjoyable aspect of this site is the use of video footage from Doggy Dan’s live consultations. In comparison to many other sites where the training videos only show command work and theory and show very little actual footage of serious behavioural issues The Online Dog Trainer is very different. Many of the dogs that are filmed are clearly not easy to manage and are in serious need of help.


Video is the answer

The question of whether a dog training e-book can compare to video is something that has often been raised. The answer in my opinion is that it cannot. Watching an experienced dog trainer gently explaining why a dog is so stressed and then watching the dog change is something that words can’t explain.

What I also like about these videos is that they are not edited excessively so that you can see the consultation unfolding and how the results were reached. This includes all the body language of both the dog and the trainer. This is something that you simply cannot pick up from reading words on a screen.


Gentle method and techniques

There are many dog training styles currently used by trainers and they vary greatly. The method used by Doggy Dan inside The Online Dog Trainer appears to be very calm and gentle however it is also very effective. Several dog training websites on the market methods are at either still using very old style aggressive techniques that are trying to scare dogs into behaving.

Others focus too much on treats and reward to the degree that nothing works unless you have a pocket full of cheese. Doggy Dan’s understanding of how to become the pack leader sets up things so that any training does not require fear or aggression and very little cheese.


Puppy Training

Inside the video website Doggy Dan has videos the raising of his 8-week-old puppy Moses. This is a quite remarkable project of an SPCA Border Collie X Labrador that allows you to watch a young dogs’ development into an amazing dog. Moses is now fast approaching 1 year old and new videos of his development are being added all the time. Compared to other dog training sites this is about as good as it gets. All the command training, and solving of every puppy problem is also included. Full marks for this section.


The Forum

I am especially impressed with the Forum where Doggy Dan is still answering all the questions personally. The difference between somebody who has trained thousands of dogs and an assistant is significant. It is clear from the answers in the forum that Dan takes real care to ensure that dogs and owners are given the best experience and advice every time.


Audio Files

Audio files are included in this site in strategic places. These audios complement the videos very well. After all, not everything needs to be watched, in fact I found it a refreshing change to site and listen to a 45-minute audio about becoming the pack leader having already watched a video.

The audios are optional since the core lessons are delivered in punchy and clear videos. They are a valuable bonus for those people who really want to get the maximum out of the course.



I have always been very suspicious of testimonials that can be altered, edited, and created by anyone. Without a time stamp it is also very likely that most of them were created at once many years ago, with many of the dog training products being sold currently this appears to

be the way. The Online Dog Trainer is very different. Using 3rd party software, end users post their comments and testimonials straight onto the site so that nobody except the person posting can edit them. The testimonials that you read are often only days old and are written by real people who love the site. These are in many ways the real reviews!

They are written by people like you, completely independent, who are currently using the site. Their testimonials and results speak for themselves.


 See what others have to say…

Doggy Dan

Few dog training sites have such a charismatic person with so much experience as The Online Dog Trainer. His energy and clear love of the dogs comes across in all the videos which really makes a difference.

Watching a trainer whom the dogs clearly bond with and whom they respect is testimony to Doggy Dan’s gentle and effective approach. Unlike many dog trainers who focus on using treats and fear based techniques to get the dogs respond, this method seems to concentrates on first understanding the dogs and winning their trust.


 Learn more about Doggy Dan in this short video:

Dog Behavioural issues

Throughout the site Doggy Dan encourages puppy and dog owners to treat the cause of the problems rather than just the symptoms. This approach resolves the underlying issues and prevents further problems occurring later. To achieve this, owners are guided through a section called “Become the pack leader” using Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules.

Once this has been established user are encouraged to visit any section and watch the appropriate training for their dog’s issue.  This approach seems to be far more logical than many other ones which often feel more like trial and error. A clear explanation in the videos of why the issue exists and then why the training will solve the problem leaves you with a real understanding and sense of hope!


Here’s a list   of just some of the videos that address specific dog problems:


  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking on The Walk
  • Barking for Attention
  • Barking Around the Property
  • Barking in The Car
  • Barking When Left
  • Barking at The Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling on The Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions


Exceptional $1 Trial

The Online Dog Trainer entire website including 250 videos, audios and notes can be accessed currently for a $1 trial that last for 3 days. This is an exceptional offer and really leaves the question what more could you want. If after the 3-day trial, you chose to cancel you are billed only the

$1. Effectively this is a try before you buy feature. A very generous offer indeed and something that very few other sites offer.

Get the trial here


What It Costs

Once you’ve decided to stay on after the 3 -day trial, you pay $37 per month. I feel that the $37 a month is worth every cent as you really are getting a great solution. Some products may be a few dollars less however many of them will only leave you feeling more lost and confused. Many other dog training products are good at helping you


train some commands but they will not help you get those unwanted behaviours under control as they are only treating the symptoms. With the Online Dog Trainer, you get to truly understand your dog which solves virtually any dog behavioural problems.


I have also done a little research and discovered that a good dog trainer completing a house visit will costs an average of $300. And that only covers a few hours. With the Online Dog Trainer, you get Doggy Dan with his proven method that works, in your home whenever you need him.


Money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose… The Online Dog Trainer offers a 60-day money back guarantee providing complete confidence in your purchase.


Final Thoughts

This incredible resource is endorsed by a national SPCA, has over 250 videos, with Doggy Dan himself in the forum. Add Project Moses from 8 weeks old, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, a no fear or aggression method used, and every behavioural issue covered off, and you have a one-stop, complete dog training solution that’s available 24/7, on your computer or any mobile device.


It’s the best product and the best value dog training on the market and I fully recommend it.


Take advantage of the $1 Trial for 3 Days here:

Best Regards,


Stop my puppy biting – the biggest mistake you’re making

Stop my puppy biting – the biggest mistake you’re making

  After reading this you’ll probably never think of puppy training advice that you hear from others in the same way. Hopefully you’ll look at it all through your puppy’s eyes…and that is when you will start to understand them.

Think about it

puppy mouthing fingers
Right now, millions of puppies are being taught by their owners to gently mouth their fingers and hands. So, we are training our puppies to do something that we then do not want them to do when they grow up.

How odd is that? We teach our puppy to mouth gently and then we start telling them they are doing it too hard and then we teach them not to do it anymore Confused? Sound silly? Well, that’s because it is! Please don’t think you are alone, like I say, most of us are taught to do it this way, this is how I was taught when I first had a puppy,

and yet there is a much easier way.

The main difference is we start as we mean to go on! Sounds logical – and it is… even your puppy will understand that the rules don’t change as they grow up.

Just follow these few simple steps to achieve your goal.

  • Always provide your puppy with chew toys, chew things (could be a piece of wood)
  • From the very start encourage your puppy to leave your fingers and clothes alone
  • If your puppy mouths you then redirect them calmly onto something else
  • If they continue to mouth you place them calmly on the floor and give a little yelp noise to let them know that their sharp teeth can hurt and move away.
  • If they continue to mouth you or your clothes take them calmly and quietly and place them into timeout for a few minutes. This is a far easier approach. I adopted this from Doggy Dan’s video website The Online Dog Trainer which is such a straight forward approach to training puppies. If you would like to check out the site which includes a video and section on mouthing for $1 on a 3-day trial, then CLICK HERE

puppy mouthing at childs  clothes

Here is a couple of things to remember:

At first, when your puppy is only, say 8 weeks old, you should always allow them several chances if they do accidentally mouth you. By the time they are around 5-month-old you must no longer tolerate any mouthing at all…


  1. Remember when you call your puppy to you, make sure that you have something in your hand for them to mouth. If you don’t you are setting them up to fail. Humans give affection through our hands but puppies and dogs tend to use their mouths more, so they need something to mouth when you are cuddling them!


  1. My last tip is simply this, if your puppy starts to mouth you and ignores your chew toy, stay calm and place them on the floor do not start shouting at him saying “No!” “No Bite” in your most commanding voice. (Another very old school training technique). This will only get them more excited… and that’s the last thing you need!

Doggy Dan training with two dogs

Understanding your puppy is the key to developing an amazing relationship with them. When you can see things through their eyes you’ll start to see how your actions make them feel.


Doggy Dan’s video website with over 250 videos is brilliant for helping you see things from your puppies point of view. He even has weekly videos of how he raised his puppy, Moses, from 8 weeks of age.

If you’re serious about helping your puppy in a kind and gentle way that will lead to an amazing relationship, then click here to look.

Remember, Doggy Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days! To get YOUR access now just CLICK HERE:

The Online Dog Trainer Review.


Local business videos. {dog Grooming}

Dog Grooming Newtownabbey., If you are a dog groomer in Newtownabbey would you like to have this video for your website, or social media. the video can be personalised to your requirements. Contact Ken on 07801 475959, or Email at

Prices from £60.00

The Online Dog Trainer Review.

 I should say at the start of my review, that this product is simply THE BEST dog and puppy training program online. Period. Frankly I am blown away at what’s being offered here and at the cost it’s no wonder that this site is getting such rave reviews. The Online Dog Trainer, by well-respected dog trainer Doggy Dan, is by far the fastest growing dog training solution available. Let me explain some of the things that makes this product so good and unique.


Get your $1 trial here



Never have I come across a dog training product where the national SPCA organization (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have endorsed it. The Online Dog Trainer has exactly that, the stamp of approval from the Royal New Zealand SPCA. They actively promote it at all their shelters because they know that new rescue dog owners who follow Doggy Dan’s training, are far less likely to return the dog. In fact, they even have a link to it on their home page. That speaks volumes.


Every topic covered with over 250 videos

Before we get into things let me explain briefly what’s inside the site. Currently there are over 250 videos alone covering everything from becoming the pack leader to training a puppy, in other words, everything you can imagine is covered. However, it’s not just the volume of videos but the quality of the training.


Videos of real consultations

What you will love about this site is that when you are watching the videos you are watching Doggy Dan during actual consultations. There are some videos where he is talking you through the theory but when it comes to dealing with troubled dogs this guy is there working with them and delivering results. Doggy Dan is the real deal, a phenomenal dog trainer and dog behaviourist in action with seriously difficult dogs, and you can see him as he gets the results. Proof that the method works.


Screenshot Doggy Dan Site
Just a small section of the site.

Video is the answer

What’s more is that you can see how he does it. What becomes obvious is that Doggy Dan has an amazing talent for sharing his knowledge. His passion to help you really comes across, and you get to understand not just the concept but also the practical approach. Dan explains everything in a way that allows you to get it, in a language that helps you connect with your dog. You begin to see things from their eyes, that’s why his approach works. He is working with the dogs, not against them.


Gentle method and techniques

Dan’s method is simply fantastic. As you’d expect with the endorsement from the SPCA there is no fear or aggression used with the dogs. Yet   the dogs respond so quickly, and even sometimes immediately. The great thing is that you can see it all happening – how he uses his voice, his body language and the dog’s reactions.

There are no hidden secrets, nothing held back and the method all makes so much sense. If you are looking for a simple but powerful approach to developing an amazing relationship with your new dog or puppy, or you want to stop any unwanted behaviours then this site gives you all of that and more…


Puppy Training

The latest and most exciting addition to the site is Project   Moses. If you have a puppy, this is perfect for you. In this part of the site Doggy Dan has taken a tiny new puppy named Moses and has videoed every stage of his training from 8 weeks old right through to 1 year old, and those videos are all going into the site.

It really is stunning footage as you see the Moses learning all the commands, and growing into quite an amazing dog. This project is worthy of being a product Dan could charge for all on its own. But it’s all included. So, for people wanting to train a puppy… there is nothing to compare this to.


The Forum

When you join The Online Dog Trainer, one of the free bonuses is our Forum. The questions asked in the Forum are currently all being answered by Doggy Dan’s himself, and it’s always been this way as far as I can tell.

This is quite different from many forums where users are simply left to chat amongst themselves to guess the next step or a third person is employed to answer questions. Inside the Online Dog Trainer Doggy Dan is there to help, which is a huge bonus if you want specific professional advice for your situation.


Doggy Dan

Something that becomes very apparent watching Doggy Dan is his knowledge, and his passion to help make a difference to the lives of dog owners. He comes across as a genuine person as well as being a great dog trainer, behaviourist, author and speaker. His relaxed and competent nature on camera combined with his vast knowledge of his subject along with the video footage, makes for some very educational and entertaining viewing.


Optional: Learn more about Doggy Dan in this short video: Click here .


Dog Behavioural issues

The most impressive thing I found about this site is Doggy Dan’s ability to help people understand the real cause of their dog’s issues. No matter what the problem he covers it off in his videos, but he also makes sure that your dog and you end up with a stronger relationship.

His 5 Golden Rules inside the pack leader section are worth their weight in gold alone. Something every dog owners should be taught the day they get their dog. With Doggy Dan, no dog is too old, or too stubborn, they can all be helped when first they are properly understood, and his site The Online Dog Trainer is the site to help you do just that.


Here’s a list of some of some of the videos that address specific dog problems:


  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking on The Walk
  • Barking for Attention
  • Barking Around the Property
  • Barking in The Car
  • Barking When Left
  • Barking at The Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity


  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling on The Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions


Audio Files

Doggy Dan has created several files that you can simply listen to and have playing as you do other things. New audios are being added and the quality of these is again exceptional covering off topics such as toilet training through to how to be the pack leader.

Each audio is approximately half an hour long, providing you with valuable understanding of not just what to do but how and why it all fits together. These are ideal for people who like to go into real depth with topics.


Exceptional $1 Trial

You can get all this for a $1 trial of the site for 3 days which is an amazing offer from Doggy Dan. This is really another stand out feature. For me being able to see what the site looks like before committing to the monthly cost is a MASSIVE benefit. The $1 Trial lets you check out the entire site and gives you a feel for how the site works and what you are getting.


looking around the site I immediately understood that I had some work to do – there’s no quick fix to solving my dog’s issues. I have got to watch the videos and learn, put the learnings into practice, keep on watching to make sure I’m doing it correctly, and once I get past the first couple of steps, spend the time to get onto the next phases of the training.

So, I now know what I’m in for, and it’s going to take a month or so to get on top of it. And to get this all for a fraction of the cost of a dog trainer coming to my home is a real no brainer.



As expected the testimonial about The Online Dog Trainer are a real joy to read. (See my customer reviews page) The big difference between these live comments that are continually being posted by people and other sites is that there is nothing fake about them. They are done using a 3rd party Facebook application interface.

This means that nobody only the person posting the comment has access to them…they are all 100% genuine. This removes any suspicion that they were all gathered a long time ago by dubious methods and then altered so they sounded good! These are totally real comments, from real people who simply love The Online Dog Trainer and Doggy Dan’s method. It’s another refreshing change.


 See what others have said…



What It Costs

Once you’ve decided to stay on after the 3-day trial, you pay $37 per month. Compared to few other online solutions, it does seem to be more dear… but it’s just like that old saying ‘You get what you pay for’… there’s no doubt that $37 a month is worth every cent. With the Online Dog Trainer, you get everything you need, especially the pack leader understanding which solves virtually all dog behavioural problems.


Plus, I did my homework and discovered that having a real dog trainer for a house visit costs on average $30/40 a session. And that only covers a few hours. With the Online Dog Trainer, you get Doggy Dan with his proven method that works, in your home whenever you need him.


Money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose… The Online Dog Trainer offers a 60-day money back guarantee providing complete confidence in your purchase.


Final Thoughts

This incredible resource is endorsed by a national SPCA, has over 250 videos, Meet Doggy Dan himself in the forum. Add Project Moses from 8 weeks old, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, a no fear or aggression method used, and every behavioural issue covered off, and you have a one-stop, complete dog training solution that’s available 24/7, on your computer or any mobile device.


My advice is obviously… GO FOR IT! Take advantage of the $1 Trial for 3 Days here: