Afraid to leave your dog at home alone?

Coming home to destruction – afraid to leave your dog at home alone?

 How often have you heard the story of a dog owner coming home to complete carnage? Holes dug in the garden the couch ripped to pieces, chewed table legs, absolute destruction everywhere. Even worse… you get a notice in your post stating that you have a dog who’s not only destroying the yard but one that’s been barking for weeks every time you leave the house and now you have 5 days to fix it or face a fine.

Dog destroys furniture

Oh boy! You’ve got to love your dog 🙂

The strange thing is… very often, as soon as you walk back into the house there isn’t any barking (in fact you hardly ever hear your dog bark) and no destruction is taking place. It’s like you have a completely different dog when you are not ther


You would be astonished at how many people have no idea that they owned a barking dog because the barking only happened when they were not there. However, the good news is that none of this is a complicated situation to resolve. In fact, it’s one of the easiest behavioural issues to sort out.

Caught in the act, Dog destroying furniture

In this post, I am going to explain why it’s happening and point you to a site where you can quickly and gently learn how to stop it. That site for those of you who are desperate and just want to get on with it is called The Online Dog Trainer Dan even gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days! To get YOUR access now just CLICK HERE:

  So why is my dog barking and being so destructive when I leave? Let me explain to you with an example. Let’s say that you are a parent with a two-year-old child. Your job is to care for, look after and protect that child. Now if the child ended up outside the house and you were locked inside unable to get out what would you do?

Would you Sit down with a cup of tea and read the paper?  I thought not… You would be screaming and shouting and doing everything you could to get out of the house…pulling on the doors and the windows. Your energy levels would be very high, you would be stressed to the max

. Stress can show its self in many ways… shouting, chewing fingers, excessive drinking/eating, gambling, addictions, the need to keep busy etc. Generally, when we are stressed we are the opposite of relaxed!

Your dog is no different.

The problem is simply that your dog thinks that they are the pack leader in the home, they think that their job is to keep an eye on you and keep you safe.

Therefore, your dog is anxious when you leave them alone. They are locked inside the property unhappy, worried and restless – all their pups have gone! And anything could happen!

Consider this. You leave for work 5 days a week at 8am and you leave them at home every day, imagine what that does to them! A build-up of stress…and again, as with humans, that stress can come out in many ways.

Sofa destroyed by dog

Some dogs will bark constantly, some will become hyperactive, digging holes and being destructive or chewing. The chewing releases endorphins which can help calm your dog down, very like when humans are stressed and chew chewing gum. The bottom line is that they are stressed, unsettled and they are wandering around all day long, doing stuff… often not stuff that you want because they simply can’t settle.

They are not bored. it’s not usually caused primarily by a lack of exercise and your dog does not need more toys or a meaty bone! (In fact, this can make the problem much worse!)

The real solution is so simple, straight forward, logical and not expensive… YOU become the pack leader and then your dog will happily   rest at home when you leave.

A great place to understand how to achieve this is Doggy Dan’s video website Click Here where you have access to over 250 of his beautiful HD videos on how to achieve pack leader status in the eyes of your dog.

Remember, Dan gives you a { $1 trial of the site for 3 days! } Funny dog videos click here.

His method uses 5 very powerful principles that he calls the 5 Golden Rules to ensure that your dog understands that you are the pack leader and are free to come and go as you please. Your dog can then relax and not worry when you leave the house. Dan’s methods are also very kind and gentle as he understands how to work with the dog’s nature and work alongside them.

Another big bonus for anyone who is wanting to stop barking when you are not at home is that becoming the Pack Leader will change this too. The site also covers off several other contributing factors that you can   consider which will ensure that you achieve the results that you are looking for.

So, if you’re in desperate need of help, this is the perfect resource for you.  There is no need for dramatic action, just a little understanding of what’s going on in your dog’s mind. It’s an amazing solution and I recommend go and enjoy the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s video website now: Click Here

And hey, you can thank me later!

Introducing your dog to other dogs calmly.

Introducing your dog to other dogs calmly.

Probably the most common difficulties that people encounter on the walk is the over enthusiastic dog, and trying to introduce them to other dogs on the leash.

Everything from Great Danes to Chihuahua’s may get so excited it seems like they will explode. Now there is practically nothing worse than whenever they try to meet other dogs and they are practically pulling you over and dragging you along. It is sometimes scary, dangerous, embarrassing then rapidly escalates until you are feeling out of control and at the mercy of your dog.

dogs meeting.jpeg

Aggression or Excitement?

It is sometimes quite hard to tell what they are experiencing and feeling. The behaviour is quite commonly a mixture of both excitement and stress. This nevertheless is not a very good condition for your dog to meet up with other dogs in as there may be far more possibility that things will go wrong, particularly as time goes by if it goes uncontrolled. Visualize it from the other dog’s perspective as your dog draws near rearing up on their hind legs, barking, eyes bulging, gasping for air… you’ve got the picture.

Just how can you avoid this kind of a situation? Within this post, I will address the three options available to you. After this you will have a straightforward, basic procedure to select one of the three and head out to and practice with your dog. Developing a definite plan of action is the first stage to achieving success.

To begin with, it is very important to be very clear that you have ONLY three options available. And secondly, you should have established yourself as the leader of the pack – this really is crucial.


2 dogs sniff each other out

Approach the other dog – Your dog is calm therefore you decide to simply approach the other dog on the leash. Yes, that is the objective! Keep in mind that we are planning to reward good behaviour therefore you should not get in the way in this situation. Remain quiet as you walk your dog in the direction of the other dog and allow them to meet. Put simply, stay out of it and do not upset the relaxed environment which you have in front of you.

Stay well away – Imagine your dog barking like mad, totally out of control… this is when your instinct recognizes that it’s preferable not to go and visit the other dog therefore you are better off simply just walking past. It could be for a lot of reasons. You might feel that you do not have time to work with your dog and calm the dog down, the other dog might not appear eager to play, perhaps they appear just a little hesitant, old or small. Another important reason to do this would be to show your dog that there are occasions you simply will not get to meet and sniff every dog on the walk. This is how it will be in life, so get comfortable with it!

Calm your dog down then plan – Put simply perform some training to calm and divert your dog. Once you have performed this you could potentially approach the other dog or not. The option is always yours. The crucial point to remember is the fact that you are spending time out to show your dog that when they calm down (even a little bit) good stuff happen. With time your dog begins to discover that the calmer they are the more probability there is of meeting up with the other dogs.

What is the correct option for me?

All three options are the appropriate option at diverse situations. In other words, I still choose all three options for my dogs determined by the circumstance.

Younger dogs will most likely require a bit more calming than more mature dogs and this training will certainly pay off in due course.

 Guaranteeing it will work

As I alluded to previously, you really must have the pack leader foundations in place before you can have confidence in how you dog will react in different circumstances. Learning Doggy Dan’s five Golden Rules of becoming the Pack Leader will give you the assurance that you are in charge and you dog is looking up to you and respecting you for all the decision making. Visit Doggy Dan’s video website here to learn how to become the Pack Leader

(Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest the next thing you do today is look inside the site! CLICK HERE

The fatal mistake to avoid.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is rewarding bad behaviour. Imagine a little dog barking because they wish to meet another dog on the other side of the street. If you simply cross over and meet them, even though the meeting goes well you have rewarded your dogs barking and excitement. This excitement will increase every time your dog sees a dog on the walk until it is almost unbearable and you realize you have a problem!

All dogs can learn to be calm as they approach other dogs, it just takes a bit of commitment from you to turn them around but it is not complicated once you know how. Take the time at home to establish yourself as the pack leader so that any training you do has the maximum impact. Remember the more your dog sees you as the one in charge, the more notice they will take of you and what you are doing!

Remember, Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days. To take advantage of this offer and learn more about the 5 Golden Rules of Becoming the Pack Leader CLICK HERE:



Training your puppy to come at the park

It all sounds so easy, in theory you call your puppy and they come running to your feet, then you give them a treat, and that should be it,done and dusted.

For most people, though, it doesn’t happen like this and we end up chasing our dogs and puppies all over the park, calling their name as they run away from us. Often it seems like the only way to get your dog to come to you is to get in the car and start the engine or wait until they finally get tired and want to go home. There is an easy way to train your dog to come to you every time. When you know the secret, anyone can do it.
There are some very simple and logical steps to follow when training your dog to come to you, if not followed then things can go wrong very quickly So here is one of the most important steps.

Do not chase your puppy!

 The last thing you want to do is chase your puppy if they do not come. Sounds simple but many people do this. It goes something like this. You call your puppy and they run the other way so you move closer to them calling their name. And that’s the big mistake! You are now chasing your puppy. One minute you were training your puppy to come to you and the next minute you were chasing them.

So, what can we do? Well the first thing to consider is keeping your puppy on a long line until you are sure that they will come. That’s it… simple, right? If they are not going to come when you call them, then maybe you should not let them off.

Yorkshire terrier on leash

The second option is to turn, walk away from your puppy and call them so that they are now chasing you!

This is perfectly demonstrated by Doggy Dan in the following video during a puppy class at the park.

Click Here

Getting your puppy to chase you is very easy when you know how… as you can see in the video it really works. No chasing, no screaming and the puppies come running.

Sadly, few people are taught these steps at puppy class. However Doggy Dan’s website shows you everything you could want to know about raising the perfect dog. In fact, he has a video diary of his 1 year old dog Moses from 8 weeks of age showing you exactly how he trained him. And what’s more, Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days!

Raising a puppy does not need to be difficult when you have the right advice. If you are looking for help training your puppy or stopping unwanted dog behaviour, then my recommendation is this…

Don’t waste any more time or money on other trainers or books. Get real value for money and find a dog training method that works.

If you are interested in the above then simply take a look inside Doggy Dan’s video website The Online Dog Trainer with the $1 trial for 3 days, by CLICKING HERE

 And you can thank me later!

How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Have you ever wondered what your dog is doing when they are interacting with another dog? Do you know How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language? Sometimes it feels like you’re watching something in a foreign language as your dog communicates with another dog?

It can be frustrating not knowing if we should step in and stop your dog or let the activity continue. You’d be surprised how many people misunderstand their dog’s behaviour but it becomes easy – when you know how to judge whether your dog is happy playing or is feeling distressed can make all the difference to how they socialize with other dogs.

There are lots of tell-tale signs. What you need to know is what they mean and then it’s like watching a movie in English rather than a foreign language. Dogs can read each other without any difficulty, it is natural to them, however for us it doesn’t. We should learn the different body language signals that they use.

Here are some of the key gestures that you can watch out for so you can understand what your dog is thinking. At the bottom of this post is a link to an interesting video by Dan where you can watch all the behaviour’s I mention below for yourself.
dogs at play in the park

The Head Over: placing their head over the back of another dog’s neck.

This is one of the most common ways a dog will attempt to assert their dominance over another dog. It is neither good nor bad. Some dogs however will contest it if they are not happy being dominated. A dog who is not happy with this will clearly let the other dog know!

Returning to Play: a dog returning to play more with another dog.

This is a sign that suggests a dog is happy to play. Often this simple behaviour is overlooked by dog owners. Many times, a dog may look like they are not enjoying things as they are being dominated and pushed around but is very happy and will run back for more! If they were unhappy they would very likely stay away.


Lifting One Paw in The Air: the dog stands still on three legs.  

This is a submissive gesture that says I am submissive and non- threatening. The other dog may react in several ways but it is generally a good sign.


Hackles Up: the hair on the dogs back goes up.

Very often people think that this automatically means that the dog is being aggressive or going to be aggressive, however it can also just be excitement. It does mean that the dog is very alert but this can be because they just love playing with other dogs. Keep an eye on your dog and don’t panic.

Three dog at play in the garden

360 Degree Spins: The dog completes a complete spin

The dog spinning will almost certainly be very happy and will be trying to encourage some play activity. When a dog turns their back on another dog it shows that they are relaxed and not scared.

There are so many little things to look out for – some more obvious than others. One of the best places to learn how to read dogs is Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer. Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest the next thing you do today is look inside the site!

This video website is an excellent source of learning not only about how to interpret your dog’s behaviour but also how to stop unwanted behaviour and train dogs and puppies.

Here is just one fantastic example of his work, demonstrating the above dog behaviour’s and many more: 

To look and get your $1 access now, something that I would strongly recommend CLICK HERE

Doggy Dan’s site is truly amazing with over 250 videos inside. So, if you really want to have a dog that you can be proud of look no further, simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site

Turn Your Puppy into The Perfect Dog

There’s a lot of opinions about how to Turn Your Puppy into The Perfect Dog. It’s what we all want but the question is… do they exist?

That’s a bit like asking is there a perfect person? Of course, the answer to that is… Nope!

That said, there are some great people out there, and there are some amazing dogs too. So, what’s the trick?

This is my best advice.

Before getting hung up about teaching puppy how to do high-fives, Roll overs and the commando crawl, ask yourself this…Is this what my dream dog does? Is my dream dog basically a performing monkey that I bring out when visitors come around so they can say “Wow that’s cool, how clever is he…How did you train him to do that…” and so on and so forth.

Puppy offering her paw


The sad thing is that in many of these cases the next thing that the dog owner must do is warn the visitors “Don’t go near his food bowl when he’s eating, and careful when you pat him not to go near his head, and keep the children away from his toys”

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

We spend so much time and effort teaching them how to do tricks such as sit and stay but never even think about some of the important stuff. And when we do it’s often too late.

Want to know why this is so?

Because most dog trainers are stuck doing what everyone else is doing Spending time training the sit, the down and the stay, everyone following each other and nobody asking WHY? Think about it… has a dog ever been put to sleep because they didn’t do a proper sit? Or because their down command was a bit slow? Or because they had a poor stay? Of course, not… nobody really cares about that stuff.

Yet that’s what we all learn at puppy school! WHY?!

But… Aggression? Oh Boy.


Puppy nipping owners pants


Many dogs are put to sleep for aggression, barking, growling, and challenging than any other reason. Aggression towards children, owners, strangers, other dogs – it’s all bad news. There isn’t anything more dangerous than an out of control dog, pulling you along, ignoring you when you let them off. Never mind the danger to themselves around cars and other dogs.

Very few dog trainers show you how to prevent all of this, because so few of them understand it themselves!

Most people’s real idea of a perfect dog, in no particular order, will include all the following 5 important  behaviour’s


  1. Calm around all other animals including dogs
  2. Friendly to all people including children
  3. Relaxed and obedient around the home
  4. Amazing at coming when called at the park
  5. A real angel when walking on the leash in public
  6. Hhmmm… I can hear you thinking…. You’ve got a point! Let me guess your next question…

So how do we achieve it?

Well the great news is that it’s not complicated. At least it’s not complicated or tricky anymore… all thanks to Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer video website  CLICK   HERE

Dan offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest that the next thing you do today is look inside the site!

Inside his website is the most amazing collection of videos showing you exactly how to achieve this kind of ‘perfect’ dog. In fact, Doggy Dan shows you through the video diary of 8-week-old puppy Moses, guiding you through every stage of achieving all the things I’ve just mentioned.

Doggy Dan has filmed his puppy growing up for an entire year and presented a series of lessons each week that need to be learned at that stage of the puppy’s life. So, you get to watch and train your puppy at exactly the right time, making sure problems don’t manifest later.

And once your dog is fully grown the site caters for every type of dog problem that you may face later. In-depth sections on health, food, behaviour and training are covered as well.

Doggy Dan’s site is truly amazing with over 250 videos inside. Showing you exactly how to achieve those 5 important behaviours I mentioned earlier… and much, much more!

Remember: You can do what you’ve always done and get the same result or do something different and get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you really want to have a dog that you can be proud of look no further, simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site here: CLICK HERE

Stop my puppy biting – the biggest mistake you’re making

Stop my puppy biting – the biggest mistake you’re making

  After reading this you’ll probably never think of puppy training advice that you hear from others in the same way. Hopefully you’ll look at it all through your puppy’s eyes…and that is when you will start to understand them.

Think about it

puppy mouthing fingers
Right now, millions of puppies are being taught by their owners to gently mouth their fingers and hands. So, we are training our puppies to do something that we then do not want them to do when they grow up.

How odd is that? We teach our puppy to mouth gently and then we start telling them they are doing it too hard and then we teach them not to do it anymore Confused? Sound silly? Well, that’s because it is! Please don’t think you are alone, like I say, most of us are taught to do it this way, this is how I was taught when I first had a puppy,

and yet there is a much easier way.

The main difference is we start as we mean to go on! Sounds logical – and it is… even your puppy will understand that the rules don’t change as they grow up.

Just follow these few simple steps to achieve your goal.

  • Always provide your puppy with chew toys, chew things (could be a piece of wood)
  • From the very start encourage your puppy to leave your fingers and clothes alone
  • If your puppy mouths you then redirect them calmly onto something else
  • If they continue to mouth you place them calmly on the floor and give a little yelp noise to let them know that their sharp teeth can hurt and move away.
  • If they continue to mouth you or your clothes take them calmly and quietly and place them into timeout for a few minutes. This is a far easier approach. I adopted this from Doggy Dan’s video website The Online Dog Trainer which is such a straight forward approach to training puppies. If you would like to check out the site which includes a video and section on mouthing for $1 on a 3-day trial, then CLICK HERE

puppy mouthing at childs  clothes

Here is a couple of things to remember:

At first, when your puppy is only, say 8 weeks old, you should always allow them several chances if they do accidentally mouth you. By the time they are around 5-month-old you must no longer tolerate any mouthing at all…


  1. Remember when you call your puppy to you, make sure that you have something in your hand for them to mouth. If you don’t you are setting them up to fail. Humans give affection through our hands but puppies and dogs tend to use their mouths more, so they need something to mouth when you are cuddling them!


  1. My last tip is simply this, if your puppy starts to mouth you and ignores your chew toy, stay calm and place them on the floor do not start shouting at him saying “No!” “No Bite” in your most commanding voice. (Another very old school training technique). This will only get them more excited… and that’s the last thing you need!

Doggy Dan training with two dogs

Understanding your puppy is the key to developing an amazing relationship with them. When you can see things through their eyes you’ll start to see how your actions make them feel.


Doggy Dan’s video website with over 250 videos is brilliant for helping you see things from your puppies point of view. He even has weekly videos of how he raised his puppy, Moses, from 8 weeks of age.

If you’re serious about helping your puppy in a kind and gentle way that will lead to an amazing relationship, then click here to look.

Remember, Doggy Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days! To get YOUR access now just CLICK HERE:

The Online Dog Trainer Review.


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The Online Dog Trainer Review.

 I should say at the start of my review, that this product is simply THE BEST dog and puppy training program online. Period. Frankly I am blown away at what’s being offered here and at the cost it’s no wonder that this site is getting such rave reviews. The Online Dog Trainer, by well-respected dog trainer Doggy Dan, is by far the fastest growing dog training solution available. Let me explain some of the things that makes this product so good and unique.


Get your $1 trial here



Never have I come across a dog training product where the national SPCA organization (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have endorsed it. The Online Dog Trainer has exactly that, the stamp of approval from the Royal New Zealand SPCA. They actively promote it at all their shelters because they know that new rescue dog owners who follow Doggy Dan’s training, are far less likely to return the dog. In fact, they even have a link to it on their home page. That speaks volumes.


Every topic covered with over 250 videos

Before we get into things let me explain briefly what’s inside the site. Currently there are over 250 videos alone covering everything from becoming the pack leader to training a puppy, in other words, everything you can imagine is covered. However, it’s not just the volume of videos but the quality of the training.


Videos of real consultations

What you will love about this site is that when you are watching the videos you are watching Doggy Dan during actual consultations. There are some videos where he is talking you through the theory but when it comes to dealing with troubled dogs this guy is there working with them and delivering results. Doggy Dan is the real deal, a phenomenal dog trainer and dog behaviourist in action with seriously difficult dogs, and you can see him as he gets the results. Proof that the method works.


Screenshot Doggy Dan Site
Just a small section of the site.

Video is the answer

What’s more is that you can see how he does it. What becomes obvious is that Doggy Dan has an amazing talent for sharing his knowledge. His passion to help you really comes across, and you get to understand not just the concept but also the practical approach. Dan explains everything in a way that allows you to get it, in a language that helps you connect with your dog. You begin to see things from their eyes, that’s why his approach works. He is working with the dogs, not against them.


Gentle method and techniques

Dan’s method is simply fantastic. As you’d expect with the endorsement from the SPCA there is no fear or aggression used with the dogs. Yet   the dogs respond so quickly, and even sometimes immediately. The great thing is that you can see it all happening – how he uses his voice, his body language and the dog’s reactions.

There are no hidden secrets, nothing held back and the method all makes so much sense. If you are looking for a simple but powerful approach to developing an amazing relationship with your new dog or puppy, or you want to stop any unwanted behaviours then this site gives you all of that and more…


Puppy Training

The latest and most exciting addition to the site is Project   Moses. If you have a puppy, this is perfect for you. In this part of the site Doggy Dan has taken a tiny new puppy named Moses and has videoed every stage of his training from 8 weeks old right through to 1 year old, and those videos are all going into the site.

It really is stunning footage as you see the Moses learning all the commands, and growing into quite an amazing dog. This project is worthy of being a product Dan could charge for all on its own. But it’s all included. So, for people wanting to train a puppy… there is nothing to compare this to.


The Forum

When you join The Online Dog Trainer, one of the free bonuses is our Forum. The questions asked in the Forum are currently all being answered by Doggy Dan’s himself, and it’s always been this way as far as I can tell.

This is quite different from many forums where users are simply left to chat amongst themselves to guess the next step or a third person is employed to answer questions. Inside the Online Dog Trainer Doggy Dan is there to help, which is a huge bonus if you want specific professional advice for your situation.


Doggy Dan

Something that becomes very apparent watching Doggy Dan is his knowledge, and his passion to help make a difference to the lives of dog owners. He comes across as a genuine person as well as being a great dog trainer, behaviourist, author and speaker. His relaxed and competent nature on camera combined with his vast knowledge of his subject along with the video footage, makes for some very educational and entertaining viewing.


Optional: Learn more about Doggy Dan in this short video: Click here .


Dog Behavioural issues

The most impressive thing I found about this site is Doggy Dan’s ability to help people understand the real cause of their dog’s issues. No matter what the problem he covers it off in his videos, but he also makes sure that your dog and you end up with a stronger relationship.

His 5 Golden Rules inside the pack leader section are worth their weight in gold alone. Something every dog owners should be taught the day they get their dog. With Doggy Dan, no dog is too old, or too stubborn, they can all be helped when first they are properly understood, and his site The Online Dog Trainer is the site to help you do just that.


Here’s a list of some of some of the videos that address specific dog problems:


  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking on The Walk
  • Barking for Attention
  • Barking Around the Property
  • Barking in The Car
  • Barking When Left
  • Barking at The Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity


  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling on The Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions


Audio Files

Doggy Dan has created several files that you can simply listen to and have playing as you do other things. New audios are being added and the quality of these is again exceptional covering off topics such as toilet training through to how to be the pack leader.

Each audio is approximately half an hour long, providing you with valuable understanding of not just what to do but how and why it all fits together. These are ideal for people who like to go into real depth with topics.


Exceptional $1 Trial

You can get all this for a $1 trial of the site for 3 days which is an amazing offer from Doggy Dan. This is really another stand out feature. For me being able to see what the site looks like before committing to the monthly cost is a MASSIVE benefit. The $1 Trial lets you check out the entire site and gives you a feel for how the site works and what you are getting.


looking around the site I immediately understood that I had some work to do – there’s no quick fix to solving my dog’s issues. I have got to watch the videos and learn, put the learnings into practice, keep on watching to make sure I’m doing it correctly, and once I get past the first couple of steps, spend the time to get onto the next phases of the training.

So, I now know what I’m in for, and it’s going to take a month or so to get on top of it. And to get this all for a fraction of the cost of a dog trainer coming to my home is a real no brainer.



As expected the testimonial about The Online Dog Trainer are a real joy to read. (See my customer reviews page) The big difference between these live comments that are continually being posted by people and other sites is that there is nothing fake about them. They are done using a 3rd party Facebook application interface.

This means that nobody only the person posting the comment has access to them…they are all 100% genuine. This removes any suspicion that they were all gathered a long time ago by dubious methods and then altered so they sounded good! These are totally real comments, from real people who simply love The Online Dog Trainer and Doggy Dan’s method. It’s another refreshing change.


 See what others have said…



What It Costs

Once you’ve decided to stay on after the 3-day trial, you pay $37 per month. Compared to few other online solutions, it does seem to be more dear… but it’s just like that old saying ‘You get what you pay for’… there’s no doubt that $37 a month is worth every cent. With the Online Dog Trainer, you get everything you need, especially the pack leader understanding which solves virtually all dog behavioural problems.


Plus, I did my homework and discovered that having a real dog trainer for a house visit costs on average $30/40 a session. And that only covers a few hours. With the Online Dog Trainer, you get Doggy Dan with his proven method that works, in your home whenever you need him.


Money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose… The Online Dog Trainer offers a 60-day money back guarantee providing complete confidence in your purchase.


Final Thoughts

This incredible resource is endorsed by a national SPCA, has over 250 videos, Meet Doggy Dan himself in the forum. Add Project Moses from 8 weeks old, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, a no fear or aggression method used, and every behavioural issue covered off, and you have a one-stop, complete dog training solution that’s available 24/7, on your computer or any mobile device.


My advice is obviously… GO FOR IT! Take advantage of the $1 Trial for 3 Days here: 

How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on The Lead

How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on The Lead

Who has acquired a weak or sore shoulder from being pulled and yanked along the street by their dog.  Me, me, me, I hear you cry!  literally millions of people who endure their walk with their dog rather than enjoy it. We can help you train your dog to walk by your side without pulling so then you can enjoy every walk without any hassle!

The great thing is it’s not difficult! Like most things worth learning it can take a little time. Sometimes it can be just a 5-minute exercise as expert Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan, demonstrates in his video CLICK HERE <<>>.



Blackdog pulling owner on lead

Let me talk you through some of the key mistakes that people are making when walking their dog. I mentioned earlier there are many tricks to walking your dog on the lead correctly so that they walk beside you. So, if you have a determined dog, (and they come in all sizes) you may need to know these tricks before you can master the walk.

The tips I am about to give you now will really help… so let’s get cracking and get into the training. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your dog is calm. If your dog is wound up like a raging bull as you head out of the garden gate, like the one in the video then getting them to walk calmly on the lead is going to be a lot more difficult than if they are calm. So how do we calm them down?


Calming your dog

Think about your build up to leaving the house. You bring out the lead and immediately Your sleeping beauty becomes a rocket. They jump up, tail wagging, racing around demanding that you put the lead on them. Now if you simply oblige and put the lead on them they get even more excited!

The reason is very simple. You are reinforcing their excited behaviour with a reward, which is the lead. So, this behaviour will get more extreme. They will become more excited not less.

That excitement is building as your dog drags you towards the front door, forcing their way through first and then pulling you down the garden path. All of this is getting your dog more and more excited. They will be at bursting point when you get onto the path!

Next time you take your dog for a walk, take your time. Pick up the lead and then calmly wait for your dog to settle down. Simply carry on doing what you were doing and ignore your dog’s antics. If they don’t calm down simply put the lead away or put it on a table.

Be patient this may take a little while, several attempts or quite a long period, but your dog will eventually calm. When they are calm, you can try again and repeat until they are totally relaxed as you attach the lead.

Repeat this procedure all the way until you are on the path ready to start your walk. You should wait calmly with your dog on the lead until they are calm before progressing or take the lead off and postpone the walk for a few minutes.

It might seem like you’re not getting through to him, but better to take a little time getting this sorted now or you’re going to be dragged around for the next 10 years. This issue will not “self-correct”.

Step two is a simple exercise that involves you turning around when your dog pulls ahead.

Change direction

Before you start your walk look at which way your dog is trying to head. If they want to go right, then you turn left. Take a step to the left and repeat this until they are taking notice of what you are doing.

On the other hand, you could simply change direction and go the opposite way when your dog starts to pull ahead.

Make sure to do this early, don’t wait till your dog is a long way out in front. By doing this exercise your dog ends up behind you every time. Again, it can take a little time but your dog will eventually get it.

Chose an appropriate device 

Check out some of the different types of devices available to help you getting your dog to heel. In the video, you can see Doggy Dan using a very special harness where the attachment is under the dogs chin. This is totally different to a traditional harness where the attachment is on the back and the dogs end up pulling like a cart horse.

Remember the pack leader leads

On the walk the pack leader leads from the front. Therefor if you are not the pack leader in the dog’s eyes they will really fight for that position at the front. It’s that simple, you can’t cheat a dog, especially the strong minded determined ones! Learning to become the pack leader is a topic all its own, and is the basis of Doggy Dan’s world-famous training method. He’s developed 5 Golden Rules, which when followed daily, insures you become the pack leader in a calm and gentle way. On his video website, The Online Dog Trainer <<>> , he points out that before any training takes place, you first need to establish yourself as the leader using the 5 rules – and stresses that this is important in solving almost all dog behaviour problems.

Lots of extra tips

As I mentioned earlier there are lots of other tips and tricks such as knowing how and when to give the lead a little pull without going over the top. Understanding when and where to let your dog have some freedom and go sniff and a pee (after all that’s the point of going for a dog walk isn’t it!)

If you would like to master the walk today then look no further than Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer, with over 250 videos. It really is simply the best dog training site around. There are currently 7 excellent videos on how to walk your dog correctly showing you how to deal with every issue and question you may have. And there’s even a 30-minute audio inside the site – so you can listen while you walk!

sheep dog pulling female owner on leash

Everybody wants to enjoy their dog and that includes walking them, so don’t put up with it any longer!And remember your dog will also be glad when the pulling stops andthey can walk calmly by your side!

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Become The Pack Leader

Doggy Dan with two dogsOf all the questions that people ask “how to become the pack leader” is the big one! This is by far the most important question how to convince your dog that you are the person in charge. Think of the pack leader as the decision maker – where you should go on the walk, how to behave in different situations and how to respond to all the strange things that are out there.

Learn more here

When you understand how dog packs work you soon realize the importance, that the pack leader makes all the decisions. If you leave it up to your dog then there a big chance that your dog is going to get something’s very wrong and make a mistake!

In order to understand how to become the pack leader you must first recognize that the following means nothing to a dog….What car you drive, the size of your house, the money you earn or the fact that you speak languages! Your dog would happily swap all of that for a nice snack!

Asking your dog to sit before her dinner falls a long way short of what you need to be achieving to become the pack leader and walking through doorways is only necessary when your dog is on the lead.

Lastly – dominating your dog is certainly not the way to become the pack leader in fact this can back fire badly on you later on if you teach your dog that physical strength is what it is all about. Whilst you may force your dog into submission it will not be convincing your dogs mind that you are worthy of the position and that you should become the pack leader only that you are a bit of a bully.

So how do you become the pack leader? All dogs worldwide, regardless of breed use the same ways to check to establish the pack leader. The best way to learn about how to put it into practice is to watch it being done on video as I have done through one of the video based web sites. The important areas to take control in are the following:

The pack leader will be in total calm control when your dog barks and alerts you to danger. This includes anything that your dog may perceive as dangerous and barks at in and around the property

On the walk your dog should not pull you at a single stage, even the beginning! Learning to walk your dog properly can only really be learnt through video as I have found out!

If you are the pack leader then your dog should be able to relax and switch off completely inside the house. If your dog is always switched on most of the time and can’t relax then that is your dog on pack leader duty!

Getting your dog to switch off is directly connected to how you meet and greet your dog after your return home. You need to watch it on video it is so subtle but it is the difference between being the pack leader or the follower.

Lastly, feeding your dog correctly will establish who is the pack leader and there is much more to it than asking your dog to sit! Also if you have a dog that is “not food motivated” then you may be in for a surprise!

There is one site that shows you – using video – exactly how to become the pack leader and how crucial it is to changing any behavioral issue.

If you want to understand more about this topic or see the videos that explain everything then simply take a look at The Online Dog Trainer here…..Click Here

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