How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on The Lead

How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on The Lead

Who has acquired a weak or sore shoulder from being pulled and yanked along the street by their dog.  Me, me, me, I hear you cry!  literally millions of people who endure their walk with their dog rather than enjoy it. We can help you train your dog to walk by your side without pulling so then you can enjoy every walk without any hassle!

The great thing is it’s not difficult! Like most things worth learning it can take a little time. Sometimes it can be just a 5-minute exercise as expert Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan, demonstrates in his video CLICK HERE <<>>.



Blackdog pulling owner on lead

Let me talk you through some of the key mistakes that people are making when walking their dog. I mentioned earlier there are many tricks to walking your dog on the lead correctly so that they walk beside you. So, if you have a determined dog, (and they come in all sizes) you may need to know these tricks before you can master the walk.

The tips I am about to give you now will really help… so let’s get cracking and get into the training. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your dog is calm. If your dog is wound up like a raging bull as you head out of the garden gate, like the one in the video then getting them to walk calmly on the lead is going to be a lot more difficult than if they are calm. So how do we calm them down?


Calming your dog

Think about your build up to leaving the house. You bring out the lead and immediately Your sleeping beauty becomes a rocket. They jump up, tail wagging, racing around demanding that you put the lead on them. Now if you simply oblige and put the lead on them they get even more excited!

The reason is very simple. You are reinforcing their excited behaviour with a reward, which is the lead. So, this behaviour will get more extreme. They will become more excited not less.

That excitement is building as your dog drags you towards the front door, forcing their way through first and then pulling you down the garden path. All of this is getting your dog more and more excited. They will be at bursting point when you get onto the path!

Next time you take your dog for a walk, take your time. Pick up the lead and then calmly wait for your dog to settle down. Simply carry on doing what you were doing and ignore your dog’s antics. If they don’t calm down simply put the lead away or put it on a table.

Be patient this may take a little while, several attempts or quite a long period, but your dog will eventually calm. When they are calm, you can try again and repeat until they are totally relaxed as you attach the lead.

Repeat this procedure all the way until you are on the path ready to start your walk. You should wait calmly with your dog on the lead until they are calm before progressing or take the lead off and postpone the walk for a few minutes.

It might seem like you’re not getting through to him, but better to take a little time getting this sorted now or you’re going to be dragged around for the next 10 years. This issue will not “self-correct”.

Step two is a simple exercise that involves you turning around when your dog pulls ahead.

Change direction

Before you start your walk look at which way your dog is trying to head. If they want to go right, then you turn left. Take a step to the left and repeat this until they are taking notice of what you are doing.

On the other hand, you could simply change direction and go the opposite way when your dog starts to pull ahead.

Make sure to do this early, don’t wait till your dog is a long way out in front. By doing this exercise your dog ends up behind you every time. Again, it can take a little time but your dog will eventually get it.

Chose an appropriate device 

Check out some of the different types of devices available to help you getting your dog to heel. In the video, you can see Doggy Dan using a very special harness where the attachment is under the dogs chin. This is totally different to a traditional harness where the attachment is on the back and the dogs end up pulling like a cart horse.

Remember the pack leader leads

On the walk the pack leader leads from the front. Therefor if you are not the pack leader in the dog’s eyes they will really fight for that position at the front. It’s that simple, you can’t cheat a dog, especially the strong minded determined ones! Learning to become the pack leader is a topic all its own, and is the basis of Doggy Dan’s world-famous training method. He’s developed 5 Golden Rules, which when followed daily, insures you become the pack leader in a calm and gentle way. On his video website, The Online Dog Trainer <<>> , he points out that before any training takes place, you first need to establish yourself as the leader using the 5 rules – and stresses that this is important in solving almost all dog behaviour problems.

Lots of extra tips

As I mentioned earlier there are lots of other tips and tricks such as knowing how and when to give the lead a little pull without going over the top. Understanding when and where to let your dog have some freedom and go sniff and a pee (after all that’s the point of going for a dog walk isn’t it!)

If you would like to master the walk today then look no further than Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer, with over 250 videos. It really is simply the best dog training site around. There are currently 7 excellent videos on how to walk your dog correctly showing you how to deal with every issue and question you may have. And there’s even a 30-minute audio inside the site – so you can listen while you walk!

sheep dog pulling female owner on leash

Everybody wants to enjoy their dog and that includes walking them, so don’t put up with it any longer!And remember your dog will also be glad when the pulling stops andthey can walk calmly by your side!

To get your 3 day $1 trial and take a look around this amazing site now, CLICK HERE



3 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on The Lead”

  1. Wow, this was great! I have two dogs that I walk separately more for a better workout for me and one pulls a lot and the other just likes to sniff everything. I use a walking harness where the lead connects to the center of their chest so if they do try to pull me they just get pulled to the side the lead is coming from. It works rather well. And I always have to keep a lookout for what they might jump to ready for their leap!! Rabbits and such usually. Squirrels not so much anymore. Thanks for the great article and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. These are great tips you have shared here. I myself always make it a point to show my dog who is the leader. Doing otherwise will allow your dog to get the better of you. It was difficult for me at first but when I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing from that point on. I like this tip of yours to change directions. I am sure that will do the trick. Having a dog can prove to be challenging at times but the joy that my pet brings more than makes up for these challenges. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      So pleased you got something from the post and thanks for your comment, it is true the joy we get from our pets is priceless.
      Best regards,


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